About Us

Hello there!
I'm Veneta and Whimsical Weens was born out of the love for all dogs, especially with the obsession of my very own wiener, Tickles & Tootsie Roll.
Having had to stop work as a stewardess due to the COVID pandemic, my focus shifted to creating playful and whimsical harnesses for our furkids with a whole lotta love, help and support from my amazing family & friends + a little leap of faith of course! These products are what we use and believe ourselves and recommend it wholeheartedly for our equally obsessed pawparents. Our products are lovingly designed and shipped from Singapore.

Small dogs can be prone to injury from pulling and tugging from the leash. A harness disperses pressure over a large area of a dog’s body, reducing strain on his/her neck and back. This is especially important for our backed weeners. Harnesses are also great solution for our little escape artists that can wiggle out of their collars.

We combine functionality, practicality and style using waterproof neoprene material and stainless steel buckles. Our harnesses are easy to clean and dry after a day at the beach or after a walk in the park. The stainless steel buckles are rust proof, heavy duty and safe. Our harnesses are double stitched, making it durable and long lasting. Lastly, we probably make the cutest harnesses around!

We love personalised and pretty packaging but we also love our Mother Earth! All aspects of our whimsical packaging are compostable, eco-friendly and are of recyclable materials. Our tissue and stickers are made of acid free paper and printed using soy based inks as an alternative to petroleum based inks. Our packaging products are sustainable so that you, our consumers can enjoy a thorough, guilt-free (and pretty!) unboxing experience without having to worry about the excessive amounts of non-recyclable waste.